5 Factors to Consider While Purchasing Online Cycling Clothing for Women

Cycling has now become a favorite sport for many passionate women. Once they push down on the pedal and feel the thrill of cycling in the fresh air and natural surrounding outside, they want to have it more and more. It is more than a fun activity for them! The practice of cycling has been gaining popularity among women after all these years because many of them find it fun and healthy to ride a bicycle. The online cycling clothing for women is the perfect choice for new-age cyclists, especially those women who are first-timers. Online Cycling clothing comes in a large variety to help women ride for long hours and feel smarter and stronger. Whenever any woman cyclist starts to ride on a regular basis, she needs to wear the cycling clothes that have the right fit and have stretchable fabric like Lycra to keep her comfortable during the ride.

Online Cycling Clothing for Women

Every new woman cyclist may feel confused at the first sight of online cycling clothing for women because of the variety of options. Some look so trendy and comfortable that first-time buyers may end up making the mistake of purchasing their cycling clothes randomly.

Online Cycling Clothing for Women

However, the goal of every woman cyclist should be to purchase practical cycling clothes and avoid apparels that would potentially make her ride uncomfortable or that are a pure waste of money. The cyclist also needs to consider stretch ability, durability, and comfort. While fashion should be another factor decision making

Online Cycling Clothing for Women

The Significance of Choosing Right Cycling Clothing for Women Online

The right size and type of cycling clothing will not only make the ride enjoyable but also prevent the cyclists from soreness and discomfort.  They are designed for providing the ultimate fun for women in daily use. Cycling clothes have all the high-end features that make cycling clothing highly efficient yet create a fashionable look. Below are some important factors to consider if you are getting ready to purchase cycling clothing for women online.

  1. The Right Fit – When you order online cycling clothing for women in the right cut and size, it will perfectly fit your body and is less likely to cause you discomfort or uneasiness during the ride. Additionally, you will look gorgeous and keep apace with the cycling trend.
  2. The Fabric – The fabrics of your cycling clothing should be stretchable such as Lycra so that you can have the comfort of moving your body and keeping cool throughout the ride.   
  3. The Style Factor- Cycling is something that allows women to show up their feminism with a focus on fashion. As a cyclist, you can keep up with fashion by purchasing online cycling clothing for women with an added touch of style.
  4. The Comfort – Selection of your cycling clothing should not be done without comfort in mind. So, start by looking for clothes with protective features. For example, the cycling shorts designed with a chamois pad for shock absorption and preventing chafing. It will ensure you great comfort in the saddle and save you from soreness.
  5. The Functionality – The online catalog is full of trendy looking women cycling clothes that are loaded with smart features to ensure lasting performance. Ideally, women cycling clothes should be washable, durable and stretchy. As you are more likely to ride through the sand, puddles, mud, and dust so the clothing needs to keep clean and dry until your arrival at the final destination- even after a gusty wind or rain.

Lexi Miller is ready to add to your cycling experience with quality choices in high performing women cycling clothing online. It makes trendy pieces with a wise combination of style and functionality to live up to the expectation of fun and comfort of women cyclists all over the world. If you have recently started cycling and want to look smart and carefree, consider purchasing online cycling clothing for women on Lexi Miller. Place your order via orders@leximiller.com and get your favorite online women cycling clothing soon!


5 Reasons Why Quality Women Cycling Apparel are Instrumental

Cycling gives the joy of riding on the road and a feel of freedom and fun. There is no other outdoor activity like it to keep you physically fit. Most of today’s smart women prefer cycling as a favorite pastime or as a part of their daily workout. Some of them even like to ride longer, wearing quality women cycling apparel such as padded little shorts to cushion their butts and corset jersey or hourglass jersey to stretch along with skin for comfort of movement during cycling. The quality women cycling apparel are now available in trendy designs to add to fashion appeal of riders by making sure they feel comfortable and feminine in all possible weather conditions the outdoors can expose them to on any long distance cycle ride. With the high quality cycling apparels, women cyclists can have the best riding efficiency and comfort.

The C To C Vest

Of course, women could ride cycles in their tees and jeans. But, if they care to ride like smart athletes and make numerous pedal strokes along the long ways with efficiency and in comfort, then it is necessary for them to use high quality women clothing apparel with the perfect blend of fashion and functionality.

Below are given five reasons why each one of them should use good quality women cycling apparel.


1. To look smart and be a part of the game

There is nothing wrong if women go for a cycle ride in their yoga outfits or track suits. But as it is said before, they will look smarter and feel more comfortable if they put on cycling specific apparel.

They will look like a professional and enjoy the riding better, especially when they are in quality women’s cycling apparel that looks feminine in sophisticated designs and lasts longer due to good quality fabrics.

Hourglass Jersey

2. To keep away from saddle sores & other injuries

The smaller and harder saddles of cycles are likely to cause rubs, saddle sores and pain and aches in the sensitive parts of women. That’s why cyclists should often bother to wear good quality women cycling apparel like padded shorts which will protect the butt and other parts from hitting the saddle. In this way, they can avoid saddle sores and other common injuries, even while riding for long hours.   

3. To maintain body warmth

There are a wide variety of high quality women cycling apparel such as patchy knee warmers, patchy arm warmers, corset jerseys and tweener leggings to help cover the body of riders and keep the wind off them in winter. Some of these also come with high necklines and collar zips to stop the cold from reaching to their chest, neck, arm, leg and back.

Corset Jersey

4. To stop the feeling of wetness and itchiness

The high quality cycling apparel will neither absorb the moisture from the atmosphere nor let the sweat of your body go on longer. They will rather keep the body of women cyclists dry and stop the feeling of itchiness in their sensitive parts.

5. To stretch flexibly and ride safely

The cycling apparel doesn’t cling to the body and stretch easily along the skin of riders as they move, keeping them away from various hazards. It is less likely to get caught in the cycle or get ripped on bushes and branches. Due to the flexibility in stretching, women in quality cycling apparel will experience less irritation and more comfort at the time of riding.

It is possible to enjoy the cycle ride to the best by making choice of quality cycling apparel that will create fun and excitement for many years.

Lexi Miller is a women cycle wear company making excellent pieces full of sophistication and functionality. It has a product line including quality women cycling apparel on sale to provide satisfaction to the passionate cyclists and add to their fascination as well. Some of its best selling apparel is tweener leggings, little black short, the C to C vest, hourglass jersey and more. Lexi Miller specializes in high quality cycling apparel for women, each of which is made of premium quality materials for lasting longer and giving maximum comfort to women riders. It focuses on both sophisticated design and functional features to produce highly comfortable cycling apparel for women cyclists. To enjoy the joy of riding your cycle with pure comfort, check out quality women cycling apparel on Lexi Miller. Contact it via orders@leximiller.com to place your first order at 15% discount!

Cute Cycling Apparel for Women : Little Black Cycling Shorts

An increased number of women are taking up cycling for fitness. It’s the ultimate win-win and a positive influence on your mental health, and the world around you. Currently, the landscape for women’s cycling is booming as awomen’s specific sport.

Cycling requires a lot of investment: in your time,andin the right gear. But it will be worth all the effort in the end.

But what about the fashion—or lack thereof? Cycling has never been a fashion-forward endeavor. More often, it leaves cyclists feeling out of place.

After all, fashion is something you buy; style is what youdo with it. When it comes to cycling apparel for women, little black (?) shorts have a key role to play. Before thinking too much, let’s have a look at the details about cycling shorts:

Corset Jersey

Cycling Shorts – The Important Cycling Apparel for Women

Perfect cycling shorts will add to the enjoyment of your ride and will help you prevent soreness and chafing.  They are a must-have for your cycling wardrobe.

Cycling shorts will make rides more comfortable by providing shock-absorbing padding and reducing chafing. Here’s what you should know if you’re shopping for cute cycling apparel for women:

Wrapture Jersey

The Material –

Cycling shorts are made from stretchy material: nylon and spandex. They move with you as you pedal. Inside cycling shorts, you will find a chamois, offering a bit of cushioning and a soft surface.

The Comfy Feature –

Nylon cycling shorts wick away sweat, dry fast and mold to your body. All you need is to wash your cycling shorts in cold water after every use and they will last for miles. These shorts come with a triple density and three-dimensional shaped chamois to ensure increased comfort and move with you on long distance rides.

Tweener Legging

The Fit –

Cycling shorts should be cut so that they will conform to your body while cycling. This means they will be longer and higher at the back than at the front to make you look and feel comfortable when riding.

Conclusion –

There’s a lot that excites people about the state of cycling at the moment, but mainly how popular this sport is becoming. There are more people on bikes than ever before, and certainly many more women.

The C to C Vest

To support the demand of the booming women’s cycling market, Lexi Miller is focusing on women’s-specific cycling apparel. Little black shorts are the essential staple to your cycling ensemble. 

With supportive fabric on your legs and seat, our cycling shorts offer the perfect amount of compression. The softer fabric on the leg- and waistband make sure your tummy is pinch-free and content.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out latest collections of cute cycling apparel for women at LexiMiller.com and get the perfect fit for your cycling venture.

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Quality Women’s Cycling Apparel

Summer is here and you’re thinking this is the time to get a road bike, or to dust off the one you got last year and up your mileage. Maybe you have a few things holding you back. Maybe one of those things is the clothes. Maybe you’ve been thinking, “Why are they so ugly? What’s with all the logos? Why can’t I just wear my workout clothes on my bike?”

HGS Front White Black Aqua WEB large

We present: the case for quality womens cycling apparel.

1. The fabric: It’s different. I know, you love your favorite yoga pants, but if you wear them on a two-hour bike ride, you’ll come to loathe them. Content is key and cotton is your new enemy because it absorbs moisture. The constant movement of your legs inevitably produces friction. Moisture + skin + friction is a recipe for disaster also known as chafing. Instead, you want to look for blends made of nylon (or polyester) and spandex. These lightweight synthetic fibers wick moisture away from your skin. Constant motion also means that you will also want your shorts or leggings to be made with textiles resistant to pilling. The weight of the fabric is also key. Too heavy and you’ll be too hot. Too light and you’ll be revealing more about yourself than you’d like. You need quality womens cycling apparel with just enough spandex fibers to provide a healthy dose of compression to support your muscles.

CST Front Black Chartreuse1 WEB large

2. The technical features. “Butt pads?” Yes, you do need these, also known as a chamois. If you’re spending more than an hour on your bike, your sits bones will need some love and protection. Pockets in back? Yes, you need these too. No backpack or fanny pack, or anything-else pack on these rides—just quality womens cycling apparel. Pockets on the back of your jersey are the perfect, quickly accessible place for you to carry things, like keys, ID, nutrition, and tools to change a flat. Seams in the right (not wrong) places? Yes, these details matter. An inseam seam is your worst nightmare (remember that whole nasty convo we had about chafing a second ago?). Just don’t.

WTR Front Black WEB large

3. Climate change. Chances are that you’ll experience this–both from the weather changing and from your efforts. Step outside on a chilly morning and you might be tempted to throw on a fleece. But within a matter of minutes you’ll work up a sweat and for the first time ever, be thinking about throwing your Patagonia in the trash. Sun, wind, and sweat will ebb and flow through the duration of your ride, which means that you need various weights and layers of quality womens cycling apparel. You’llwant to dress in a way that you can peel off items as you get warmer. A long sleeved top is a sentence that you might not want to endure. Instead, opt for a short sleeved jersey and arm warmers. Layer a vest on top of that and you’re set. For more information stay social connect with us Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram